Testimonials for Youra.com Web Site and Youra Guides and Maps

What people say about Youra.com
and Youra Guides and Maps

"Youra.com's web site is potentially life enhancing"
Mark Hodson, Travel Writer, Sunday Times of London
"Youra.com is your one-stop information source for ferry services all over the world"
Web Site Spotlight, Chicago Tribune 12/1997
"Youra.com offers one stop shopping for ferry schedules."
Useful Links, B.C. Ferry's web site, B.C. Canada
"If you like to travel by ferry...then the Ferry Travel Guide is a must."
Joseph Kula, Province Reporter, Vancouver, BC
"Very high quality resource for people who want to explore our state."
Virginia Painter, Public Affairs Admin., Washington State Parks
"We really value the exposure we receive in your publication."
Phyllis Gorton, OMNIDOME - Seattle, WA
"The staff and guests of the Westin find your magazines to be invaluable tools."
Paula Head, Chef Concierge, 2/21/01 Westin Hotel - Seattle, WA
"I have had visitors call us and thank us for sending them this brochure."
Patricia Cox, Public Relations Washington Coast Chamber
"We are very fortunate to have your publications."
Donald Allen, Life and Leisure Naval Submarine Base, Bangor, WA
"Very informative. In great demand."
Frank Winningham, Concierge, Sheraton Hotel - Bellevue, WA
"The map is a beautiful rendering. Very effective."
Margo, Concierge, 1/05 Marriott Seattle Waterfront - Seattle, WA
"Our guests really enjoy your Ferry Travel Guide."
Sylvia Neuhaus, Concierge 5/95 The Claremont Hotel - Seattle, WA
"They are very helpful."
Karla Fengle Hillsboro Chamber, Oregon
"Thank you for providing the great maps."
Veronica, Worldmark Time Share Resorts, Port Townsend, WA
"I think the publication is very informative."
Olga Andren, Tour Director, Fort Lewis Tickets and Tours - Tacoma, WA
"Your Ferry Travel Map is excellent. I've framed it."
Margarie Kittinger, Milton, WA
"The guide is extremely popular with visitors from all over the country as well as international travelers...one compact source for many traveler inquiries."
Georgia McGow, Office Manager, Issaquah Visitor Center
"We would like 2 copies of your guide."
Capt. Burr Rubey, Saudi Arabian Airlines - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
"Please send copies of The Ferry Travel Guide to help people at Fairchild plan their free time to enjoy the area."
Robert W. Campbell SRA, USAF, REACH Assistant Director, 5/96 Dept of the Air Force - Fairchild Air Force Base, WA
Wade Nixdorff, Chef Concierge, Bell Harbor Cruise Terminal - Seattle, WA
"It's an excellent map."
Kaydee DeVos, Travel Consultant, UNIGLOBE Travel - Bakersfield, CA
"This magazine is extremely helpful and in big demand at this center."
Anna Sillik, Tourist Director, Kelso Volcano & Info. Center
"They are always the Best"
Robin Bellach, General Manager Coast Gateway Hotel, SEATAC, Washington
"The map is stylish and crisp."
James Weaver, Chef Concierge, Marriott Seattle Waterfront - Seattle, WA
"Visitors especially like the detailed inside map"
USDA Forest Service
"We are your biggest fans. The Ferry Travel Guide>/i> is complete and very easy to use"
Linda Bresler, Snohomish County Visitor Information Center
"Your Ferry Travel Guide has allowed me to give guests and visitors a wealth of information"
James Blout, Concierge, Meridian Condos - Seattle
"I'd like to congratulate you on the amount of quality and information in your Ferry Travel Guide. I found it most interesting."
Patricia Stephens, Marketing and Public Relations, 7/90 BC Ferries - Victoria, BC
"Your Olympic Peninsula Guide provides a lot of valuable information for visitors."
Deborah Black, Olympic National Forest
"A very valuable resource for our visitors"
Amy Hale, Information Specialist, University of Washington Visitor Center
"You've got the hottest hand-outs"
Nancy, Quinault Ranger District
"Thank you so much for the helpful guides"
Monica Bierge, Concierge, Hotel Andra - Seattle
"Everyone loves them"
Jeannie Rozeboom, Lynden Chamber, Lynden
"Your map has been on the wall of our office for two years, but last week someone stole it. Please send another."
Nancy Mobley, Lake Stevens Visitor Center
"They promote the area magnificently."
Ryan Harriman, Director, Willapa Harbor Visitor Center
"Your Olympic Peninsula Guide is a definite asset to our Olympic Peninsula."
LeRoy Martin, President and GM, Ford Lincoln Mercury - Port Angeles
"We had 38,000 visitors at our center and your publications were very popular"
Virginia, Information Specialist, Woodland Visitor Center
"Excellent material"
Terry Wisner, AAA - Yakima
"Very useful guides for military personnel coming into this area."
Shirley Victa, Subase Bangor
"Everyone loves the convenience."
Angels Endres, Grays Harbor Visitor Center - Aberdeen, WA
Ann M. Cline Ferndale Chamber
Joyce Riley, Washington State Parks
"They are excellent."
Kimiko Atkins, Maryhill Visitor Center
"Top of the line. Very popular."
Ellie Gray, Boondocks Restaurant
"Wish we could keep them in stock."
Louann Yager, Manager, Port Angeles Visitor Center
"They are Great!"
Jayme Ward, Wanderlust Travel - Tacoma
"We enjoyed our trip around the rain shadow. We want your Ferry Travel Map"
John Bowen, Anchorage, AK
"Very Useful."
Vicki A. Rauh, Bainbridge Visitor Center
"A valuable travel tool."
Carroll Solomon, Visitor Center - Blaine, WA
"Great quality - visitors love them!"
D. R. Hunter, Visitor Center - Montesano, WA
"Handy and most informative."
Sue Selens, Oak Harbor Travel
"Wonderful and very helpful."
Karen Montague, Visitor Center - Spokane
"Great! Thank you!"
Kim Baumgartner, Visitor Center - Enumclaw
"Love them!!"
Sarah Linley, Visitor and Convention Bureau - Long Beach
"They are really nice for visitors."
Linda Vincent, Chamber of Commerce - Shoreline
"Very informative, colorful and useful. In great demand. They're going like hotcakes."
Jerry Reitan, Volunteer, 7/04 Kitsap Visitor Center - Port Gamble, WA
"They're great. People love them."
Autumn Takacs, Visitor Center - Mt. St. Helens
"Great! Especially Olympic Guide."
Jean Sherbeck, Visitor Center - Issaquah
"They are Wonderful."
Rose Mary, Tourism Specialist, North Mason Visitor Center - Belfair
"They are very much in demand."
Helen, Visitor Center - Ocean Shores
"WOW! They are impressive."
Kelly, Moclips Museum - Moclips
"Many of our clients have enjoyed receiving the information."
Erin Cavin, Greater Olympia Visitor and Convention Bureau
"They're a popular brochure in our VIC."
Sara Nell Davis, Visitor Center - Bremerton
"I am planning a trip this summer to Victoria. I was informed by a Travel Agent that your Ferry Travel Guide would be most useful."
Jerry MacLeod, Medford, OREGON
"Please send the your new travel guide. We picked one up last year when we did some golfing in your area, and found the Travel Guide full of information."
Dr. Lionel Ching, M.D., 5/90 Richmond, B.C., CANADA
"Thank you for sending the magazine with the map. It is the one my husband wanted. He was delighted to receive it and I am sure that we will get a lot of use out of it."
Romayne Crowe, 2/90 Retired - Seattle, WA
"This summer I will be bringing 11 families to the peninsula area. I am writing to request 11 copies of the visitor map."
Carol Davidson, 3/96 Tacoma, WA
"They are Helpful to our tourist customers."
Tommy Kim, Manager, 7/04 Welcome Motor Inn - Everett, WA
"Visitors passing thru find them very helpful."
Steve McCain, Port Manager 7/04 Skamokawa Vista Park - Skamokawa, WA
"Great resources for the public."
Gail Waters, Information Assistant, 7/04 Outdoor Recreation Information Center - Seattle, WA
"Love 'em."
Karen Hume, VIC Specialist, Marysville Tulalip Visitor Center - Marysville, WA
"Very Helpful."
Jim Stanek, Travel Counselor, AAA - Renton
"These Travel Guides are a wonderful brochure to give to
the many VIP's and out-of-towners visiting us."
Billie L. Foss, Command Secretary, NAVMAG Navy Base - Indian Island, WA
"They are wonderful. Our members appreciate them very much."
Janet DeRusha, travel counselor AAA Everett - Everett, WA
"Please send me a copy of your Ferry Travel Guide."
Alberto D. Vazquez, General Manager, 5/96 Sierra Turismo - Santa Cruz, BOLIVIA
"I don't have $2 but I send you five Iraqi dinars and I wish to send me your charmful copy about your activities."
Sameem A. Al-Rauri, 10/95 Baghdad, IRAQ
"We are writing to ask for a replenishment of our supply of your excellent publication Ferry Travel Guide."
Dorothy Gross, Volunteer 4/96 Edmonds Visitor Center - Edmonds, WA
I want to express my appreciation for such a good publication. The maps are great, especially the large one in the very back."
Margaret Thompson Swingle, resident 10/90 Sequim, WA
"I think it is great. We send to people from all over the U.S. and Canada, plus some overseas tourists who write or call for info. on Washington."
Linda Nolan, Receptionist, U.S. Forest Service
"I came across an old issue of the Ferry Travel Guide for 1990. I would like a current version. My wife and I will be traveling in Washington in September and it would be very helpful to us."
Charles L. Benjamin, Merritt Island, FLORIDA
"Please send us additional copies of the Official Olympic Peninsula Guide."
Katie Faber, Concierge, The Madison - A Renaissance Hotel - Seattle, WA
"One of the most comprehensive guides we have ever seen."
Jill Wilcox, Whatcom Visitors and Convention Bureau
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