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Youra Sells Web/Wireless Messaging
When you purchase a messaging system to sell your mobile content, you want experts on your side. Dan Youra leads teams of experts in the design and deployment of messaging technology.

"Pioneer in the Global Village", "Trailblazer", "P.R. Whiz" are three accolades bestowed on Dan Youra by Washington Governor Dan Evans, Marketing publisher Larry Coffman, and Seattle Times columnist Emmett Watson.
30 years experience in computers, media production and systems design guide Dan as owner of Youra Media, producer of computer software, videos and music for web and wireless applications.

Youra Media developed Text2Votes.com, Text2GOP.com, for mobile messaging, messaging alerts, SMS and MMS services for web and wireless cell phones.

To appreciate the impact of messaging technology on communications today and the revolutionary power this technology puts into your marketing read Youra's article "MyMarketing Replaces Mass Marketing".

The deployment of messaging systems is more than buying a computer program, more than linking to the carriers, more than buying a short code and a few keywords. Those are the easy pieces. The success of the system is determined by its ease of use, scalability, robust performance, message capacity, data administration, training, technical support and ultimately its cost effectiveness in relationship to its operating expenses and revenue generation.

To assure the success of your messaging system, put your trust in the hands of the experts. Let the professionals lead by Dan Youra design and install the system that is right for you and your markets.

Call Dan Youra directly at (360) 379-8800.

Contact us about designing and implementing a mobile messaging system to promote you and your content.

Call Dan Youra (360) 379-8800
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